Making running your farm easy, no matter where you are.


Who needs a computer when you’ve got a Smartphone! Use Agrimap when you’re out on the land, no internet connection necessary. Connects to the cloud when you’re back in coverage

At home

Need to do some careful analysis and planning? Use Agrimap Search to instantly get all the info you need from your farm past, present, and future from your own interactive timeline.


All the features you need, nothing you don’t


The fastest record keeping in the world. Making a farm record is easier than a Facebook post. A few clicks and 30 seconds later you’re done.


Eliminate expensive balls-ups. Send all important jobs as a Task so everyone knows what to do. And then convert it to a record once the jobs done. What to do, where to do it. No more “oh but I thought you meant…


‘Fail to plan, plan to fail.’ It’s like records, in reverse. Create your big plans for the coming year, so everyone knows what to expect. Because a game plan is no use if it’s only in the captains head.


‘Info sharing – keeping everyone informed’. Your whole team is on the same page in Agrimap. Everyone can see the stuff they need to know to do their jobs well. And the permissions systems means they don’t get to see the private stuff. You can even join your friends farm and learn from others. Clever.


‘Agrimap Search – the Google for your farm’. Find anything you need to know about your farm in just seconds, from anywhere. Instantly see every record, task, or plan for thing you want to know about by just typing the word. Instant info, great decisions.

Interactive Map

Everything you do relates back to a place on the farm, so your farm timeline is connected to your farm map. And you can draw it for free (Agrimap does the tricky stuff for you). Never race back to the house to print a map again – your farm in your pocket.

You are in safe hands

Document Storage

If you are already embracing the Agrimap life, why not go that extra mile and really back up your entire farm? Easily scan, save or upload documents into our cloud-based safe haven. Future-proof your farm.

Cloud Based

Agrimap is stored on secure servers around the world and runs on the internet. Your entire farm is backed up for ever, safeguard yourself in case of an emergency. The cloud won’t go up in flames, but your house could. Manage your farm from any mobile device. Real time data.


When you need help, we are here for you. Get fast assistance from real people who understand farming. Our in-App help menu, FAQ’s and videos provide ample guidance on how to get started, and ways to get the best value out of your Agrimap subscription.