*Available on iPhone soon

  1. If you are a user you are able to edit only your own Shifts. To edit a Shift for a Timesheet in Agrimap:
  2. Choose My Timesheets in the Main Menu.
  3. If the Shift hasn’t been approved yet press the green Edit button.
  4. Make necessary changes by following the steps to create a Shift.
  5. If you wish to delete the Shift press the red Delete button. If you want to update it press “Update. Cancel will exit the editing of the shift without applying the changes that you made.

Note: If the Shift has already been approved by the Farm Manager you will be unable to edit it. If this is the case, have a yarn with him/her and get them to either Unapprove it or delete the Shift so that you can enter a new one or edit the existing Shift.