*Feature not available on mobile apps

Measure a distance:

  1. Choose Map from the Main Menu to your left. 
  2. Select the Measure a distance icon from the tool panel.
  3. Click your starting point ‘a’ on the map using your mouse.
  4. If you move your mouse you will see a line form beside it, calculating distance from your point ‘a’.
  5. Click again in a desired spot, and the measurement will calculate a total from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’.
  6. To finish the Line double click on point ‘b’.  

Measure an area

  1. Select the pentagon icon from the tool panel.
  2. Next select where you want to start measuring the area. 
  3. Click your way around the area you want to measure.
  4. Click on point ‘a’ and the area will be finished, and calculated. 

Notes for Measuring Tools:

  • None of these shapes and lines you create will be saved if you leave the map and come back. The tools are designed for single use – Print or Save to PDF. 
  • These tools are useful if you want to print off the shapes you created for a single use task or hazard maps.
  •  You can delete any shape and line you have drawn by clicking Clear at the top left of the map.