*Feature not available on mobile apps

Each time you create a new farm in Agrimap you need to set the farm location.  

The locate window provides two options: Geo-Location (uses the GPS on your phone)  or I’ll show you where my farm is located.

  1. To manually place a marker choose I’ll Show You Where My Farm is Located
  2. Click the general location of your farm on the map.
  3. Map will zoom in.
  4. Click a more accurate location on the map
  5. Map will zoom in.
  6. Repeat process until your map is in the right place.

  •     If you weren’t close enough to your farm and you can’t see it on the map anymore you can choose “Zoom Out, Let’s Try That Again
  •         If you nailed it and can still see where your farm should be, press “Lets Place a Marker

To use Geo-Location, choose Use My Geo-Location

  1. The computer will try and find where you are. Depending on your location and service, this may or may not be successful. In this instance, we recommend placing a marker.
  2. If the computer was incorrect, press “Zoom out, Let’s try that again
  3. If the computer was correct click “Lets Place a Marker
  4. Now click where roughly where the centre of your farm is. Note this isn’t super critical – just make sure it is placed on your farm somewhere.
  5. After clicking on the map, press “Lets Place a Marker” again.
  6. Click the centre of your farm again.
  7. Done! you can move on to the Mapping.