*Feature not available on mobile apps

  1. Once your farm is located, the Mapping Assistant will prompt you how to make your first paddock.
  2. Open the map editor by choosing Farm Settings then Mapping then Open map editor.
  3. Click on the Pentagon tool on the upper left of the screen. This is the paddock drawing tool, and you will need to click it every time that you make a new paddock.
  4. Click in the first corner of your first paddock, this will place a Marker there. Note: You should only put markers on each boundary point, not every single post.
  5. Click to place another marker on the next boundary point
  6. Repeat until you work your way back around to point a, your starting point.
  7. Click on the first marker you placed once more to finish the paddock.
  8. A pop up will appear. In this box you will have to give your paddock a name. You can also change the effective area and colour of the paddock as well. To enter a Name Click in the box beside “Name” and then type the name/number. Never use the same name or number for two paddocks.
  9. Click save.
  10. Create more paddocks, or select Finished drawing at the bottom of the paddock list to save and close the editor.
  11. Are you finished? window will appear. Choose one of the two options.
  12. If you chose Update map now your changes are now in the main map.