Tags make sorting and finding your records super easy. Your account already has some useful Tags, and you can customise these to suit the way you run your farm.

1.       To add a New Tag, choose “Farm Settings” from the Main Menu to your left. 

2.       Choose Tags in the Sub-Menu 

3.       Tags are sorted into categories through what we call Tag Groups. 

a.   Example: The Tag ‘Tractor’ would be under the Machinery Group. If you want to create a new Tag Group for your Tag, click “Tag Groups” near the top of the screen.

b.   Click in the box that says “Group Name”, and type the name that best suits. Choose the green “Add” button to complete.

c.   If you don’t want to create a new Tag Groups skip this step.

4.       Select “Create Tag” in the top middle of the screen.

5.       Click in the box that says “Tag Name

6.       Type the name of your new Tag – Example above: Tractor

7.       Choose a Tag Group for your tag from the drop down box. Example above: Machinery

8.       To finish,  the Green “Add” button. 

9.      You can repeat the process above as many times as you like until you feel you have covered all bases. Tags can be changed at any time.