*Feature not available on mobile apps

Agrimap allows you to upload your important documents and keep them conveniently in the cloud.

1.           Choose Resources from the Main Menu to your left.

2.            Select Documents from the Sub Menu.

3.            To add a new document, click Add Document at the top right of your screen.

4.            Click the Choose File button.

5.            Find your file. This will vary depending on device. Often on windows the best way to do this is to save the document to the desktop then navigate to the desktop, click on the file, then press “Open”.

6.            In the box that says Description in it, type in a good description for your file. The description should tell you what is in the file.

7.            Press the blue Upload button to complete.

8.            To delete a file, click on the “x” button that lines up with the file that you want to delete

9.            There are three options now, “Cancel” which will stop the deleting process leaving your file there, “Remove From List” which will make the file unable to be seen by you, or “Delete” which will get rid of the file forever.

10.        If you clicked delete you will be asked if you are sure, if you are then press Delete again.

11.        You can add as many documents you want.