*Feature not available on mobile apps

Upload your Health and Safety Documents then in one click, attach them to any task that you set an employee or contractor.

1.       Choose Resources from the Main Menu to your left.

2.       Select Health and Safety from the Sub Menu.

3.       To add a new Health and Safety document, click the Add Document button in the top right corner of the screen.

4.       Click “Choose File” on the left middle of the screen.

5.       Find your file. This will vary depending on device. Often on windows the best way is to save the document to the desktop then navigate to the desktop, and upload the file from there.

6.       Next, add a Description by typing in the box provided.  The description should say what the Health and safety document contains.

7.       Click the Upload button to complete.

8.       If you want to remove a document, click the “x” button on the right hand side of the screen that lines up with.

9.       You now have three options, permanently Delete,  Remove from the Health and Safety List but keep it in the Document Storage, or Cancel. Select the option that best suits.

10.   If you selected Delete and you still want to remove the document, press Delete once more.