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With Agrimap you can log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone for all your farm record keeping, compliance, job management and much more. Our easy-to-use, cloud-based app helps keep your farm running smoothly.
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Keep records easily

Keep your records the way you want to. No check boxes, spreadsheets, graphs or tricky calculations to fill in.

Interactive farm map

View your paddock areas and effective areas on your farm map. Easily measure distances, label locations and mark out hazards.

Involves the whole team

Create tasks and job sheets for staff and contractors. Send invoices, jobs, files, and health and safety documents in one click.

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Our farm software features

farm record keeping


Smart, customisable record keeping.

farm health and safety

Health & Safety

One click compliance - literally!

commodity management

Task Management

Track farm tasks from assignment to completion.

farm record keeping software


Generate and print records based on the information you need.

farm mapping

Interactive Farm Map

Measure areas, mark out hazards, switch-up terrains - and more!

collaborative farm management software

Team Collaboration

Sync information between anyone relevant to the farm.

cloud based farm software

Cloud Based

Access from anywhere, at anytime, on all devices.

secure farm management software


You own your data. We will keep it secure, private and protected.

farm software support


Committed support from real people.

Only $30 per month with no sign up fees or contracts.

Great discounts for additional farms.

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What our clients say:

"We've been using Agrimap for over a year now and we use it for everything from recording drilling rates and crop yields through to all the animal health information and stock shifts. Its great been able to upload anything we want onto it to save a record like excel files of animal weights and photos of individual animal's ear tags alongside any products they have been treated with. We have found Agrimap to be especially useful with keeping track of bulls and what groups they belong too and if we find any animals out of place rather than having to go home and look through records we are able to work out where it belongs then and there simply by typing its tag number in the search tab. There are so many advantages and reasons to use Agrimap I could go on all day but the accessibility of information anywhere anytime is amazing."
Agrimap testimonial

Will Wilding - Te Mania Angus, Conway Flat

What our clients say:

"I was looking for a way to track what was happening with my 2000+ trees. I said to myself, "This is the year to get organized." Agrimap was the solution it allowed me to capture the information I need to know about the trees, what I am actually working on, and how long I am doing it. The web format allows me to go from the field to the office easily. It is easy to capture the information, pictures, problems encountered in real time. I spend less time in the office and more time doing the stuff that really matters. It has allowed me to see where some of the tasks, problems, risks, projects that need to be tackled and what resources that need to be allocated. Agrimap has also allowed me to make sure I am in compliance with federal and provincial government regulation. If you're saying to yourself, "It's time to get organized." I recommend Agrimap it will certainly help."
Agrimap testimonial

Nathan Crocker - Crocker Nuts, Ontario, Canada

What our clients say:

"Agrimap has given me a simple and effective way to store our properties records in one place. This makes looking up detailed paddock history and accurate stock records hassle free. Having easy access to this key information saves time and helps make more informed decisions."
Agrimap testimonial

Kieran O'Brien - Westend Station, Otautau

What our clients say:

"Agrimap is the modern farmers "electronic dairy". Its simplicity means that even the most tech phobia farmers are keen to use. The ability to filter information recorded to meet audit requirements from stock to crop quality assurance programs to health and safety compliance. A great "real time" tool."
Agrimap testimonial

Nicky Hyslop

What our clients say:

"We find Agrimap to be a fantastic and simple organisation tool for our cattle ranch. The mapping function provides a great platform to quickly and easily transition new staff members into the system, and also for planning day to day tasks. We use the program multiple times daily on our smart phones for recording stock movements and delegating tasks effectively within the team. Agrimap is the bees-knees!"
Agrimap testimonial

Kharlos Langman - Big Sky Grazing, Canada

What our clients say:

"Agrimap is not only a huge benefit to farmers, but an even bigger benefit for a company like Soil Matters. We have over 300 clients and we are moving more each day over to Agrimap. As a consultant we get access to all farm records, so when we are on farm we can easily see exactly what has gone on in a particular paddock(s) and plan actions moving forward. A farmer can also see trends year by year, and pull out the exact records they need using tags."
Agrimap testimonial

Laura Keenan - Soil Matters Ltd

What our clients say:

"Once I started using Agrimap I realised I had found a fast, cost effective way of keeping comprehensive farm fert, chemical cropping and stock records all in one place. It makes information sharing with my fert consultant and spreading company quick and easy. It's a very flexible tool that can be tailored to my specific needs."
Agrimap testimonial

Matt Macdonald - The Plains

What our clients say:

"I like the way it's easy to look up the records, and very quick to do so. I can see what has been done in a paddock previously and how many bales I had cut from a paddock in previous years. It is just so easy to use, even for someone scared of computers like me"
Agrimap testimonial

Campbell Lott - Manapouri Downs

What our clients say:

"Agrimap unites the whole farm team. Things like animal health records can be added as soon as the job is finished. To be able to look up a paddock record by just clicking a paddock is a real plus! This program enables me to make informed decisions easily. I can now step back by managing my staff remotely and spend more time with my family."
Agrimap testimonial

Shane Gibbons - Whare Creek

What our clients say:

"I've been looking for a programme like Agrimap for a long time. It's fast and simple to use and we have quick easy access to all our property records that can now be kept in one place instead of having lots of different files and records. I highly recommend it for value for money and it works really well for this high country property."
Agrimap testimonial

Simon Inkersell - Lake Ohau Station

What our clients say:

"I use Agrimap to record all the environmental issues we are having, and then use this to prove to regularity authorities that we are doing the best thing for the environment. I can use this information as KPIs to monitor our business and make better decisions. It's an essential tool for any farmer."
Agrimap testimonial

Tony Walters - Plainvue Farms

What our clients say:

"As a Manager on a 200 cow dairy platform with just myself running the farm, I needed something reliable to record day to day jobs that I have done, so the farm owner knows what is happening. The best part about AGRI 360 is I can keep records of paddocks I have grazed, stock that are sick or drenched, maintenance that needs attention, even in the rain. With AGRI 360 I now have full control of my recording at my finger tips on and off farm."
Agrimap testimonial

Hayden Fowles - Taranaki